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This listing is for 3 Giant Marimo Moss Balls at around 1.5 inches in diameter. These are one of the most popular plants in the aquarium hobby, and they are widely kept as ornamental plants in jars in Japan. The moss balls generate oxygen and remove nitrates, improving water quality.

This is definitely something different for your aquarium that you don’t see often! If you wish, you can cut the moss balls into smaller pieces and the individual pieces will grow into separate moss balls.

Marimo balls are regarded as good luck charms in Japan, and since they have been known to live to 200 years and beyond, they are often kept as family heirlooms. They are thought to symbolize close bonds between family members or close-knit friends, and are often passed down to children and grandchildren or nieces and nephews. By the time future generations receive the marimo balls, they will be larger in size and will continue to grow with each generation. Additionally, Marimo balls are sometimes given to young children as “pets,” since the only care they require is occasional water changes.

Marimo balls are an excellent way to introduce young children to the experience of caring for a living thing! They provide a great opportunity to teach your children about responsibility before introducing a pet animal into their lives! Marimo are very easy to care for, making them perfect for youngsters. All they really need is a little light, as well as a water change every two weeks or so.

Marimo balls are also thought to represent everlasting love; thus, they are often used as wedding table ornaments or even gifted at weddings. They are appropriate as a gift to the bride and groom, and smaller marimo balls make wonderful take-home gifts for the guests that will serve as mementos of the newly-weds’ special day.

Make sure this fits                by entering your model number.Extremely dense and guaranteed to be healthy.One of the easiest aquatic plants to take care of. No special lighting required.Can be kept in any freshwater aquarium, or even a vase, jar, terrarium, or fish bowl.Will arrive in a rigid container, not a plastic bag, to ensure your Marimo do not arrived smashed.Moss balls at this size are 6 to 10 years old. They have been known to live for 200 years or longer.

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